Ongoing Research

My research is focused on the systemic perspective and in particular applying this perspective and method in an organisational setting. You can read more on this theory and method here. This research will, at start, include the following activities:

  • First of all, because scientific literature on this method is scares, I will conduct a systematic literature review, to create an overview of the current literature and get insight in the available evidence. This results of this review will be presented at this website.

  • Secondly, I want to know if the method is effective and what makes the method effective. We applied systemic leadership training the medical curriculum in 2017 and 2018. All third year medical bachelor students at Groningen University were offered workshops in systemic leadership. We started a study on the efficacy of the 2018 workshops to gain insight in this educational method and to be able to optimise the training.

  • Thirdly, I want to increase my understanding of what systemic awareness is and understand the mechanism behind the method. For this I need to find out how to measure it and how it is related to other characteristics, abilities and behaviours. We set-up a student project on the definition of systemic work and how people describe the method. Another approach is to investigate the working mechanism. This is still in the idea phase. I’m currently drafting an experiment on the consistency of constellations in an organisation setting, using the same case.

Off course all three activities are interrelated. If we know more about what systemic awareness is and how the method works, we can optimise the method and improve training to help people to use this quality more efficiently. Also, I believe that an increased understanding in the systemic method adds to the general insight in how human beings ‘work’. This understanding may help to improve our relation with each other and our surrounding.