What is the evidence so far? A literature review

Research is building new insights with little steps and connecting the bits and pieces. This is often a slow, and time consuming process and involves efforts of many persons. As a researcher, you always continue the work of others. 

So, in this early phase that my research is in, I need to get a good overview of the studies and evidence that is out there. In 2014, a review was published written in German. This is was very useful starting point. In addition, I wanted to know what was published after 2014 and which publications on the application of systemic work in organisation were not included in this review.  

I started a systematic literature search for two reasons: 1) for myself, to read what other researchers have already written on this topic and 2) for others interested in this topic, to have a clear and condensed overview of the current studies, written in English. I searched for research publications on the systemic constellation method and included all types of publications (journals, books, papers, reports) and multiple languages (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, etc). 

The literature search resulted in 72 publications, which I’m now reading one by one. So far, 17 publications appeared not to deal with systemic organisation constellations or were duplicates from other publications. Another 15 publications were a description of the method or an opinion paper, but did not report on research. 28 publications could be identified as empirical research publications. ‘Empirical’ means that the study contained measured observations. In most cases, these studies measured satisfaction or liking reported by participants after participation at a systemic organisation constellation session. Studies that measured an effect on individual, team or organisation performance appeared to be scares. 

After reading all publications I will categorize them and summarise the information in a systematic way, using a coding schema. Until then, the growing list of studies will be summarized here.