Literature overview

I’m working on a systematic review of the research literature published so far. The number of studies in an organisational or business context are low and the vast majority of the studies are written in German. Below is a growing list of studies and other useful scientific publications on systemic work.

Boland Von H, Michaelis, T. (2016)
Jenseits des Rubikon? Der mögliche Beitrag von Systemaufstellungen und Lösungsorientierung zur Beratungsarbeit in der Landwirtschaft
Zeitschrift für Agrarpolitik und Landwirtschaft [page 264-288]
—> Evaluation study with farmers and consultant.

Weinhold J, Reinhard A. (2014)
The state-of-the-art literature about the efficacy of systems constellation. In: Weinhold J, Bornhauser A, Hunger C, Schweitzer J, editors. Triple efficacy. The Heidelberg study on systems constellation. Carl-Auer [page 36-63]. German
—> Review of the scientific literature until 2014

Borek, L (2011)
Team structural constellations and intra-team conflict.
Team Performance Management 17 [page 405-427]. English
—> the study assesses the effect of a structural team constellation on task and relationship conflicts by means of a questionnaire. Measurement before and after the constellation among 67 team members.

Van den Berg PT, Roevens J (2007)
Short time effects of Systemic Sets in Organisations
The Knowing field June [page-31-36]
—> Evaluation study among participants of a team constellation workshop. The study have a before and after measurment and includes a control group. The study shows an increase in insight into relations at work after participating the constellation workshop.