About Me

I am Salome Scholtens, a researcher at the department of health sciences, at the University Medical Centre Groningen in the Netherlands. I started a research line in the systemic perspective and systemic method. It is a new step for me as my original background is in nutrition, epidemiology and public health research (link to publications). After I obtained my PhD, I worked in several postdoc positions and gradually moved towards (project) management positions and got involved in the set-up of a number of large research infrastructure projects like LifeLines. After a few years, I realised I really missed doing scientific research. So, I started this research on a topic I am very curious about. You can read about this proces in my blogs. While doing this, I want to follow the Principles of Open Kitchen Science, because I believe in a more open and more connected way of doing research. I am trained in system dynamics in organisations and in systemic coaching at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands. Among others, I apply the systemic perspective in leadership training for medical students in Groningen. Besides this research and training, I work as a programme manager and liaison officer in the area of FAIR research data at the Genomic Coordination Centre at the University Medical Centre Groningen.


Please contact me for questions or if you want to share your thoughts at info@seedsandleaves.nl